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Nature is endowed with the wisdom of healing powers… it is for us to tap on the right solutions for our physical mental and emotional well being.

Pallavi Bhardwaj

Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

Co-Founder & Well Being Director

My journey of discovering the importance of physical, mental and emotional health started way back in time, when I gave birth to my son Vedhang in 2005. My son was born with an ASD and VSD, it’s a congenital heart defect. It was after his birth, I realised the value of life and wellbeing. I became very careful about his health. I started looking for various kinds of healing modalities. This is when I started meeting people with varied abilities and I was surprised to see how much universe has to offer. How limited modern medicine was. Discovering one problem after the other kept my journey going on till I discovered healing through food and left for USA to study macrobiotics and thereafter to UK to study Bach flower remedy.

Today I am a Holistic health and a life style coach, studied macrobiotic nutrition at Kushi institute U.S.A and Bach flower therapy at The Bach Centre U.K. I am healing people of physical, mental and emotional issues through food,  life style changes and customised bach flower tinchers. Macrobiotics is looking at oneself as a part of universe as a creator, preserver and destroyer. While practicing as a counsellor I look into three dimensions of a human being – physical, spiritual, and emotional. Macrobiotic way of  eating is a way to bring harmony among our body, mind and spirit. As a macrobiotic counsellor, I strongly believe that food not only effects your body mind and spirit but also effects your destiny...

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